5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Explainer Videos

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Explainer Videos! Explainer videos are probably the best marketing you can use in your online locations such as your websites & social media. But sadly, these explainer videos power is often underestimated by those who are unaware of it. Here are 5 facts about these videos, which will make you realize how they can benefit your business.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Explainer Videos

Videos make a better impact:
Let’s face it. The chances of you remembering a video made by explainer video companies are a lot more than some random blurb of information. This is because your brain is wired that way since birth. You can process a visual image over 50,000 times faster than a block of text. Corporate explainer videos completely utilize this fact to capture your customers’ attention for you.

80% of your audience will watch the entire video:

Check it by any means necessary, we guarantee that audience will be more interested to watch animated explainer videos rather going through a bunch of text with nothing else to highlight it. Unless and until yours is a blog in itself, plain text approach won’t help you. You need the spice of business explainer videos to grab your audience attention. In fact, these videos are so appealing that over 80% of your audience will definitely watch the full video, increasing your chances of acquiring more customers.

Google prefers videos too:
It is a fact that Search Engines dig videos. They especially love the videos which are Google-friendly. Any kind of video (be it Corporate explainer videos or any unique marketing video) can be made google-friendly by optimizing the title according to Google’s needs, adding a proper description & accurate tags. If done right, the amount of effort made in Explainer video production can see multiple fold returns through proper SEO.

Videos enhance Email Marketing Campaigns:

It is a proven fact that E-mail marketing can bring traffic to your site. But the lesser known fact is that adding an interesting explainer animation video will increase your traffic exponentially. They can aid you in all possible ways to improve marketing activities like landing pages & email marketing campaigns.

Explainer Videos directly influence increase & sales:

There is a huge reason video Explainer video developers are highly in demand, despite the general unawareness. It is because existing clients keep coming back for more as they know that these business explainer videos are bringing hordes of new customer to their business.

Research has proven that over 90% consumers made a decision whether or not to buy a product based on their video advertising. This can be further drilled down to find that 12% of your video visitors will definitely purchase the product & 52% of those buyers will also purchase another product from your site.

And finally, the best thing about all these benefits is that any explainer video cost you invest is going to bring you incredibly high dividend in the form of new & returning customers for your products & business. So if you don’t have an explainer video to promote your business, then you need to get one RIGHT NOW.